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JavaScript deep dive - The series

April 21, 2020

sunrise Photo by Dave on Unsplash


Welcome to the new series of blog posts titled “JavaScript deep dive”.

The goal of this series is to understand the programming language JavaScript just a little bit more, to develop just a little bit more knowledge about how it works than I knew before.

I work mostly with JavaScript as a FrontEnd web developer right now, and my goal is to get much more familiar with the langugage. To that end, I want to deep dive into particular topics that interest me, about how JavaScript works under the hood in different situations.

I remember reading the book You Don’t Know JS by Kyle Simpson a few years ago. Each chapter seemed to be on a topic that I thought I knew, until I started reading and realised I didn’t really know the topic well at all in depth.

In this series, I hope to re-discover that feeling again, and learn about how JavaScript works in more depth, as I (hopefully) move to closer mastery.

Here are the topics I want to cover:

  • Precision point numbers
  • Classes
  • Coercion
  • Filter(boolean)
  • Inheritance
  • Prototype

Happy Coding!

Hi, I'm Matthew Burfield. I like writing about cool development stuff.