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Deploying Gatsby to

March 24, 2020

I just created this blog using Gatsby and deployed it to GitHub. If you want, you can see the source here.

The deployment however wasn’t very straight forward, especially when deploying to a GitHub pages subdomain at I.e.

This blog post is a reference for how you can deploy your Gatsby app to

The docs are wrong.

My first attempt was to follow the Gatsby docs. The docs tell you to simply add a package called gh-pages, and then add a new deploy script to your package.json file.

The problem with doing this is that it creates a new gh-pages branch and deploys there, and if you want to deploy to, your built app needs to be on the master branch.

But your source code is in the master branch, and having your source and the built app all in the same place just becomes a mess!

The docs are correct.

The steps the Gatsby docs outline are actually right, we just need to add a couple more steps at the end, so lets start by adding the gh-pages package and deploy script as outlined in the docs.

1. Install the gh-pages package.

First, install the gh-pages package, you can use either npm or yarn. Go to the root level of your project directory, and on the command line type:


npm install gh-pages --save-dev


yarn add gh-pages --dev

2. Add a deploy script.

In your package.json file, add the following script.

	"scripts": {
		"deploy": "gatsby build && gh-pages -d public -b master"

This is where the Gatsby docs stop, but there are a couple more steps required to cleanly get your app deployed.

3. Create a new branch for your source code

From inside your project directory, on the command line, type:

git checkout -b master-source
git push --set-upstream origin master-source

This is the branch that is going to hold all your source code. From this branch, we can run our deploy script, and push the built version of our app to the master branch. All of your development and writing blog posts etc will be done on this branch.

The master branch will contain the built version app, but you don’t need to switch to the master branch, because the deploy script will deploy to the master branch for us. You can do this using npm or yarn:

Using npm:

npm run deploy

Using yarn:

yarn deploy


And there you have it! Your Gatsby app is now deployed to

Special thanks to Olivia who had this solution on her blog, check it out here

Happy coding!

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